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We have teamed up with Lou's Hot Sauce to bring you two MPF2022 Hot Sauces - Bee Sting and Wing Sting. We only have limited stock available. Act quickly if you want some.

Lou’s Hot Sauce is a small batch condiment producer based in Manchester, specialising in fermented chilli sauces. They launched early 2020 and they’ve collabed with bands Discharge, BMTH, You Me At Six, Creeper, While She Sleeps, Bossk, Employed To Serve and Arctangent Festival.

Size: 150ml

Fermented red jalapeño sauce with a shit tonne of confit garlic and red wine vinegar. Medium heat.

Dead hot sauce with Carolina Reapers and Scorpion peppers.

Suitable for vegans, however please note that this product is batched in a kitchen that may use other allergens.

Find out more about Lou's Brews here -